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With the advent of smart devices, should we return to some humanistic approaches to respect one another and solve complex problems?

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About Michèle

Michèle comes out of traditional research and teaching frameworks to reach a wider audience with societal topics that concern her, the business world, decision makers and individual citizens.

“Her way of teaching and her focus on people have been critical to my professional development.”

– Erin Willet, Culture strategist, former student


A teacher for 25 years, Michèle is a professor of marketing at the John Molson School of Business, Concordia University.

She teaches undergraduate and graduate level service marketing between organizations and relationship marketing strategy. She supervises students interested in interdisciplinary research. Her research interests are in interactive, collaborative and relational performance.

She has taught at major management schools in Quebec, Europe, North Africa, published more than fifty articles, conference proceedings, and participated in international conferences for academics and decision-makers.

She has won the John Molson School of Management Teaching Excellence Award, 2013.


Holder of a Professorship in Relationship Marketing Strategy from the Royal Bank of Canada (2010-2020).

Her research was developed around the relationship marketing strategy and the customer experience. The humanistic approach applied to her research has led her to address topics that are of concern not only to individuals in the business world, but also to the human being in general. 

Her research interests include commercial banking, health and hospitality services, biotechnology and venture capital (Canada, Mexico, United States, France, Germany and Tunisia), younger generations and their prosocial behaviors.



First book
“Creating Your Future through Powerful Conversations”
English version, 2022.

“Creating Your Future through Powerful Conversations” represents the first work of a trilogy.

The world is not perfect. Researchers from different field have looked at the notion of happiness while businesses strive on profitable solutions leaving us without a viable answer. What can we change in our thinking and behavior to overcome the challenges that lie ahead of us in the 21st century?

  • Extensive experience as a teacher, a business person and a lawyer;
  • Bachelor of Laws from l’Université de Sherbrooke (law degree, LLB, 1984);
  • Master of Business Administration from Concordia University (MBA, 1991); (de l’université Concordia à mettre en français au lieu de Concordia)
  • Ph.D. in Administrative Sciences from l’Université du Québec à Montréal (PhD, 1998); (à mettre en français également au lieu de l’UQÀM)
  • Full Professor at Concordia University (2012-);
  • Chair in Relationship Marketing Strategy of the Royal Bank of Canada (2010-2020);
  • Interactive and experiential education in reputable business schools in Quebec, Europe and North Africa;
  • Publication of more than fifty articles and conferences;
  • Participation in international conferences for academics and policy makers.



Research Interests

Dr. Paulin links strategic relationship marketing to theory, research-teaching and practice: the evolution (or revolution) of marketing in business-to-business (B2B), business-to-customer (B2C), and business-to-community, and vice versa;

Customer strategy focused on individuals, systems and processes considering the relationship between live entities in their context (architecture, aesthetics and ecological balance); 

Organizational relationships and behaviors oriented towards the client considering the actors (stakeholders) directly or indirectly affected by the dynamics of complex and living ecosystems;

Business-to-organizations success in the long term considering the preservation and the proper use of resources (human, living, material) of know-how, know-how, etc.;

Dialogues and ethical actions between people through social media and all other modes of communication;

Millennials and younger generations, future actors in the community having to deal with multiple problems in the complexity of living ecosystems.

Publications and articles


Post-pandemic: the importance of regaining your “conversational skills”

The COVID 19 pandemic has exacerbated inequalities, as we know, and damaged our society. What about relationships between people? What I would call “conversational competence”?



In spite of the important role of culture in consumer behavior, there has been no study of the effects of indulgence vs. restraint, the sixth dimension of Hofstede’s cultural framework, at the individual level.


Humanistic Management Journal

Assessment of the perception of an environmental message : NGO-business communication strategies.


Universal Journal of Management

Working together to improve the well-being of veterans.


Journal of Humanistic Psychology

Working Together in Montréal to Improve Veterans’ Well-Being: A Canadian Perspective


Motivation Science

Support of a charity event through the influence of Facebook : study of the types of motivation.


Journal of Global Fashion Marketing

Gain the support of millennial women for a cause: experience in fashion, identity and dissemination of the cause on Facebook.


European Journal of Social Psychology

Relationship between the theory of self-determination, social media and support for charitable causes.


Journal of Service Management

Factors that motivate millennials to get involved in social causes.


Journal of Nonprofit & Public Sector Marketing

Support for charitable causes : the importance of empathy and moral identity among millennials.

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